Ever missed the bulky laptop desks at office and their comfort while on a long journey ?


Have you ever got irritated with the heat generated by your laptop directly on to your lap causing the dreaded hot legs ?


Did your mind ever wonder with the idea of having laptop mounts in the limited space of your vehicle ?

If you answered YES to any of the questions up there, then you certainly understand the importance of laptop computer desks.

A laptop desk is an easy solution to laptop usage related problems like hot legs, strained neck and fatigue. It can significantly reduce the stress level associated with laptop usage when on the move.

Laptop desks can be categorized into the following types :


These are compact, portable laptop desks that can be placed on your lap and usually can be folded into a size to fit into a carry bag. Lap desks are very helpful in reducing the direct heat recieved by your lap from the laptop riser. They provide facilities for proper heat dissipation, multiple positioning of the work surface and secure holding of the power, modem and the networking cords.

However to get the most out of your lap desk you must know what to look for before buying.

Laptop Vehicle Mounts

These are the best solutions for the individual on move. Be it your old little car or a new state of the art modern SUV, you will definitely find laptop vehicle mounts that fit your vehicle like a glove. You need not really drill any holes in your vehicle to get them fitted. With the options available this could be easily done with a few clamps or other simple fitting arrangements.

These desks in vehicles can help you catch up with your work while on move, but for Heaven’s sake don’t even think of working while driving. You can use the desk when the vehicle is parked for an extended period.

Proper selection of laptop vehicle mounts accompanied with certain precautionary measures could be a real help for all those of you who want to make the most of that time wasted in a busy traffic.

Laptop Stands

For the outdoor lovers these notebook desks are the best bets for a work surface as they are portable in nature and at the same time are tough enough to sustain the rough and tough use in outdoor conditions. These can be adjusted to a height suitable for the user to work on.

This family consists of Regular Laptop Stands, Tripod Stands and Rolling Luggage Stands .

Laptop Wall Mounts

Laptop wall mounts provide you the opportunity of using the wall as the base for your laptop desk. This feature comes in handy in places where floor space is a serious concern like in go downs, store houses and small apartment rooms.

Select a wall laptop mount that perfectly complements the wall that you wish to set it on and consider the off-set features very carefully before buying it.

Still wondering if laptop computer desks are for you or not ?

Check out the following to understand why you need a lap desk.

Why Laptop Desks ?

  • Different working conditions need the laptop to be placed at different angles eg. when on bed you need a different angle for your laptop than that required when on a rest chair along side a swimming pool. Laptop desks have different degrees of freedom, to set your laptop at the best angle possible.
  • Laptop desks are made of insulating materials that reduce the heat generated by the processor and the batteries. The materials are stable enough not to decompose due to the heat generated.
  • Heat dissipation is efficient in ergonomically designed lap desks. Proper space for ventilation in these desks helps cool the laptop components. That improves the component life.
  • The normal work load might cause the laptop power connectors and cables to fail or contribute towards receptacle failure. Few lap top desks have very good arrangements to securely contain the power, modem and networking cords.
  • Laptop computer lapdesks support accessories, otherwise difficult to use. You can use a mouse and other accessories with the present day laptop desks.
  • Well chosen laptop desks contribute towards the aesthetic aspect of your laptop usage. After all personalizing your laptop with a complementing lap desk would certainly speak a ton about your taste.

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