1) Decision Making – I know that when I and other decision makers look into a product or service that I may wish to purchase is I find out everything they can about the person or your company and this needs to be easy as well as having an element of transparency to them which is crucial. influencer marketing I want clear ways of engaging with that person or brand. And as 76% of us consumers don’t believe websites etc we want user generated content (like TripAdvisor albeit a little contentious as may people now don’t trust them) so more and more of us are turning to our peers on social networks. Although social media may not always generate leads, it can actually help close a sale.

2) The Real Life Human Element – Social media should be used to humanise your company and the people who work in it. I think your social profile should provide your network with a personal feel and real life human being terminology not web copy. Oh and don’t forget social really does mean 2 way – Don’t just push out posts and messages – GET INVOLVED – Remember to comment, like and share your networks posts. Social listening by searching keywords of interest to see what your network has to say on the matter is a great way to start.

3) Rewards and Offers – Did you know 48% of content shared on Twitter is deals and offers? Social media gives people a chance to share your offers with others that they think might be interested like Groupon etc. Downloads are great too – We offer a free social media guide to add value and distinguish ourselves as experts in our field. We all like to pass on something of value to our networks.

4) Re-touch – Social media is fast becoming the new CRM (customer relationship manager_ tool - Using social media, you can share links to interesting articles, photos of your latest events. You stay on your customer’s radar without it seeming manufactured. This can be great for launching customer loyalty and reward schemes and can be used to help achieve every businesses 3 main goals; INCREASE 1.) Customer base, 2.) Purchase frequency & 3.) Average order value.

5) Lead Generation – If you engage at the point of connection then your going to see far greater results than just connecting and adding them to your network. You wouldn’t behave that way in a business meeting – It would be like delivering a proposal without fact-finding and establishing their needs – if any for what your business offers! So segment your network – A great CRM tool when done correctly and guess what you’ll soon start having 2 way conversations and engaging in a personal way – HELLO Lead generation. Linked in is great for this but you can apply this strategy to Facebook & Twitter too.

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