Governments everywhere are beginning to take note of the free sharing of information that is occurring every moment of the day online. While many believe that this is an inherent right of a population, some nations are taking an approach that inhibits residents’ ability to access particular websites or share pieces of information. This practice can be noted with the Chinese Government, causing many in the tech world to dub it “The Great Firewall of China”. Particular IP addresses or keywords are banished from internet use within the nation’s borders, making it impossible to access them. Why this occurs is always speculated, but a firm belief that particular websites can cause unrest within a population is a driving factor in the purpose for the ‘Great Firewall’.

What Sites Are Blocked?

Some of the globe’s most popular websites are blocked from use in China. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are just a few of the sites that residents cannot access. This “blockade” affects more than 500 million internet users in China. While there are several “government approved” alternatives that residents can use, there are always watchful eyes when using these sites. ultrareach internet corp

Bypassing the “Great Firewall”

Because of the sites blockages firmly in place, those wishing to gain free access to the internet can utilize Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs. These private connection networks allow the user to log-onto the internet without any privacy concerns. The search histories and browsing sessions are always encrypted, ensuring not only uninhibited access to your favorite websites, but also protection against any attempts at gathering information about your online habits or personal details. When a country is blocking websites, do you really want them to have access to all of your personal browsing histories?

VPN services

VPN services have quickly become the solution to national website censoring. The “Great Firewall of China” is one of the hardest blockades to circumvent, which is why many residents are turning to VPNs as a means of enjoying some level of informational freedom. The protection against censorship is always important, but when you factor in the protection against cyber-crimes or inquisition by government officials, the use of such a tool is a necessity.

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With nations across the globe considering the use of censorship for online activity, VPNs have become a mainstay in the internet realm. Those visiting or residing in China can avoid the “Great Firewall” by simply using SunVPN for their everyday browsing session.