Fitting into different types of clothing isn’t always possible if you have insecurities about your body. Perhaps you have back fat, or fat on your stomach that just won’t budge, yet the good news is that with modern latex waist cincher’s and shapewear not fitting into your outfit properly is a thing of the past. A good quality cincher can instantly make you slimmer and give you a smooth and flat physique that will look great in any dress, when you look in the mirror your lumps and bumps will have vanished.

A few years ago now, Kim Kardashian admitted to using waist training to achieve her beautiful hour glass body, and since then the demand for waist cinchers, corsets and other shapewear has blown up. Waist training basically involves wearing a cincher or corset for long periods of times to achieve the body you want, however a cincher also has instant effects on your body too.

How does the Ann Chery 2021 Women’s Classic 3 Hooks Latex Waist Cincher work?

Wearing the latex waist cincher has many benefits to your health, well-being and of course your body shape. The cincher has instant and long term effects which you should be aware of before starting your waist slimming journey. Immediately the compression from the cincher will make your waist and abdomen smaller, allowing you to fit into outfits and clothing much easier and giving you a much more feminine and shapely appearance.

In the long term you will be training your waist to become slim and smaller without the need to wear the cincher every day, however this will take commitment and will occur over a gradual period of time. When you first start out it’s a good idea to wear it just a few hours each day and then as you build up tolerance gradually add another few hours each day and over time you see big results.

What makes the Classic 3 Hooks Latex Waist Cincher better than other’s is the fact it has 3 rows of hooks allowing you to gradually adjust and tighten your cincher as you progress. For instance at first you may wear it with the outer hooks and then when you are more experienced can easily use the inner row of hooks. This is a great advantage not offered by all cinchers and corsets.

You won’t just have a slimmer waist and thinner body by wearing your cincher, but your posture will improve too, which will make you look and feel good and can even prevent future back problems. In fact the extra back support offered by a cincher can help alleviate back pain and aches too, so there are multiple reasons you should be wearing a cincher.

Other benefits of the cincher include:

  • You can control and change the shape of your abdomen.
  • Latex lining provides all day comfort and sweat control.
  • Discreet body hugging and adjusting to your contours.
  • Provides a nice subtle breast lift.
  • Classic and sleek look that will look great without clothes.


Not all body shapers and waist cincher’s are made equal and since your cincher is likely to be with you for a long time, you ought to invest a little more for a quality a product. The Ann Chery 2021 Women’s Classic Cincher is a classic girdle with an ultra-sleek and timeless look, which does the job of controlling and improving your body shape. You could easily buy a cheap, unbranded cincher, but the quality and function won’t be as good and perhaps in the long term will waste you money.